Having been pioneering Halal in the sbovs rebaten food and beverage industry since the 1980s, sbovs angpao sbovs rebate currently produces more than 500 Halal products and is the biggest Halal producer in the sbovs angpao world. Out of over 180 markets worldwide, sbovs angpao sbovs rebate is recognised as the global Halal Centre of Excellence for the sbovs angpao Group thanks to our strictest adherence and implementation of our Halal standards across our value chain.


Besides strict compliance to Syariah requirements, our products also adhere to the highest quality and hygiene standards which is appreciated by both Muslim and non-Muslim consumers. With our locally-manufactured products being exported to over 50 countries across the world, and having operated in sbovs rebate for over 100 years today, we uphold this promise strictly without compromise.

Our brands such as Milo, Maggi, and Nescafé have become trusted household names and enjoyed for generations. Through our diverse portfolio, we are able to touch millions of lives every day, a privilege we are truly grateful for and one that we take very seriously every day.

  • Halal products exported to more than 50 countries
  • Demonstrates social responsibility and respect for Muslim employees and consumers
  • In line with sbovs rebaten Government's vision to be a Halal hub
  • Meets the needs of growing Muslim consumers world wide
  • Offers peace of mind and assurance especially for Muslim consumers
  • Provides assurance beyond Halal with the highest quality, safety and hygiene standards
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